Monday, November 9, 2009


i'm waiting 4 what..??
actually, 4 my sem break! it is time to rest.
4get about books, study, stress in UTHM.. PSM n bla bla.
gggggrrr... i want to die to stay here 4 too long.
I finished my 3rd paper 2day! in early morning. around 9 a.m.
fuhh!! i feel that 1 of my prob was settled!
only 1 paper left b4 i'll going back to ipoh.
my hometown!! yippie!! can't wait! jus 1 week!
b patient wana. stay calm..the time is near. very near!
almost 2 months i'm not going back to ipoh.
mish my family so much! it's very tough 2 b here without them!
my last paper on 16 NOV! ~Building Services ~
3 credits!! huh!
need to push myself. struggling in this paper!
the true is........ I
can't wait to see the development of my new house.
now, i'm just seeing d pictures through my sister's FB.
next week, i will seeing it by my own eyes!!
both of my eyes!!!


yesterday, i talked to my dad (by phone), he said that

"maybe d house can't finish on HARI RAYA AIDILADHA".

so sad. coz my dreaming is not coming true.
so, just wait. waiting patiently!!

2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

waaa..i have 2 speak in omputeh here izit?? this ur nw home??still in progress.. not finish yet but i think its bigger..better n comfort than da old one..

|| w a n a || said...

it's up 2 u!! but hopefully u cn speak in english.
2 way!! if 1 way, how can i'm improve my english rite...?? hik3.

yuupp!! much bigger than d house b4.
n of course it's our own house...!!
that's a special about this house. =)


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