Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I hope I passed!

Cak Cak Cak! ~ooppsss. i should say in english. but today, belasah aje! i'm happy today. bcoz of my driving class. how shoud i describe all my happiness. hahaha. LOL~ actually, i hv a gud news. bcoz of my smooth driving 2day, i cn t8 QTI 2morrow. 4 d bloggers info, QTI just like d trial exam. i mean b4 get tested by JPJ. 4 those who r already taken d license, i believe that u all should knew it rite.? ~it is so mean to me 2morrow. it is the stage b4 i cn jump 2 d another stage!~

bcoz i dun hv a pic which is shows my driving's skills (ahaakks!! poyo!), so ladies n gentlemen, i pick this photo, chnge thats pitcha, showing my happiness. ngeeee.

i hope i'll passed the JPJ test next week! my heart is beaten faster just now. i dun 1 2 t8 d 2nd test. i dun 1 2 waste money, time.. it's enough 4 the single time. dun 1 twice!! so, i need to work hard!! by myself, to improve my driving's skills. supporting me plzzzzz! *________* with shining face.

my aim : passed!! passed!! passed!!


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