Sunday, November 8, 2009

.My new blog!.

(1st template! hehe. mayb it might be change - depend on my mood!)
hahaha! i hv my 2nd blog. seems like i'm crazy to hv it rite.
i dunno y..?? mayb my feeling is so sad rite now.
so, i'll try to get far all of these sad things.
my 1st blog actually is still on. n still alive babe!
it is bcoz tht's blog hv full of memories.
all of my frens is in there.
so, y should i hv 2nd blog...??
u might not undestand y i need 2 hv a 2nd blog.
actually, i want to polish my ENGLISH.
even i hv a broken english, i'll try to give a gud post.
i hope all d bloggers outside there will understand that what i'm trying to say.
here, i will give better stories, better moments that i want 2 share with all of u my dear!
so, enjoy my 2nd blog k.
adios bebeh!

4 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

adoi pasneh mgkin ada blog ketiga..versi bhs arab plak..haha..anyway i am da first follower..commenter..viewer..reader..haha..

|| w a n a || said...

hahaha! thanks 4 d supporting from u my dear.!
really appreciate that!
let's speak English without shame!
even broken english. just BELASAH k! haha.

3rd blog in arabic..?? just 4get it!! never!! i dunno how to speak arabic... n writing also.. so so.. =)

.ArianiAizat. said...

good effort cik wanna :)

|| w a n a || said...

i'm still learning my dear. hehehe. hopefully, i can build up my confident, speak n write in English very fluently.


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